Falling Leaf Quilt Show Youth Winner is Marilyn S., age 11


Isn’t this quilt beautiful, just like the young maker! This is her third quilt and it is wonderful. I’m so proud of her work. I was told that when the binding seemed to go on forever, she didn’t quit. Great dedication for an 11 year old. She also did the rotary cutting and helped pick out the quilting design. I was truly pleased and amazed to see how straight and flat it hung on the quilting machine. A well deserved Blue ribbon for a delightful young lady.


Convention Season Quickly Approaching

Less than two months before we’ll return to Modesto for the Valley Home Educators Convention…. Always a great show.
If you are in the area, you should definitely plan to stop in and take advantage of all the wisdom to be found under a single roof….
July 26-27, 2013, at the Modesto Centre Plaza/Double Tree Hotel
You can find more information at valleyhomeeducators.org
This is their 20th Anniversary and it is sure to be spectacular!!!

Come by and visit us at our booth located in the lobby. We will have some very special pricing for this event..

Too Much Work and No Play, Time to do Some Appliqué


Just had to take a break and work on something fun. Wonder how long he will be pinned on my design wall before I have a chance to work on him again. Yes, I decided it is a little boy, giraffe. He doesn’t have a name, nor a quilt to live on…. yet!

Valley Home Educators Convention

I’m so excited! I just recently found out that I am going to be presenting twice at the Valley Home Educators Convention that runs July 27-28, in Modesto. As I have done in the past, I will be presenting a vendor workshop explaining our sewing curriculum designed especially for private and home educated students. In addition to our text, we also have the program in DVD format. If that isn’t exciting enough, I have also been given the opportunity to share how to integrate the fascinating study of textiles into any study of people, places or time periods in history. Can’t wait for July! This is a fantastic Convention. Great People! Great Location! Great Information! Hope to see you there!

Heading to the Central Valley

Only a few more days until I head to the central valley of California to teach a piecing class in both Oakdale and Manteca. I can’t wait to meet new quilters who are excited about learning something new! It is one of my all time favorite activities.

Adding Binding to the Edge of your Quilt

Well, Here’s that video tutorial I promised. Enjoy!

3 W’s: What Went Wrong

Well, Stinkers! The link worked last night. This morning the link says “private”. Back to scratching my head!!!! I’ll figure it out eventually.

Crazy About Curves

Well, I just moved everything I should need for tomorrow’s presentation to the car. If I didn’t do it tonight, it would surely be raining in the morning. I promised some video tutorials. And here they are!!! I really need to do this more often so that I remember how to do them. Please don’t be too critical about the filming. My favorite camera woman (sister) couldn’t make it up, so I was all on my own…. So as the saying goes…. what you see, is what you get!!!! Enjoy! And, I hope they make your sewing more pleasurable… There will be more to come. I also filmed a segment showing how I sew the binding in place. But the computer says it still needs 2 more hours to upload. Is that really possible… It’s only about 5 or 6 minutes long…. Well, I love you gals, but I have got to get to bed. I will upload the third video over the weekend. See you in the morning!

I’ll be speaking at the Ladies of the Lake Quilters’ Guild in February

How fun is that!!!!! I’ll be sharing how to make scalloped borders to finish the edges of their beautiful quilts.  I have a lot to share.  Too much actually.  So I am planning on making a video tutorial to complement the program.  I know I want to share how to make continuous bias binding.  It would be too difficult to present the technique as a lecture with such a large group. So I’ve decided to video tape the next binding I need to make.  It is so easy and I have a few tricks which make the process fast and simple. And I always have a quilt that needs to be bound.  So I think I’ll pick out some fabric and get to work.  It is raining outside and I won’t be gardening or sun bathing, so I might as well make some Continuous Bias Binding!

I’ll be speaking the second Saturday in February, so expect to see a link on that date.  Have to go. I hear my fabric stash calling me………

Distracted While Posting My First Video to the Blog

I was so excited I finally figured out how to insert the video link that I forgot to provide all the details…. (after a lot of trial and error, mostly error, I discovered I had to deselect the visual rich editor in my profile.)

The Dvd album contains 5 DVDs totaling 4 hours and 45 minutes of instruction. There is also a bonus cdRom with supplemental educational activities, student journal sheets, teacher/instructor evaluation guidelines, grading suggestions and more.

NEW:   Stitch by Stitch: A Gentle Approach to Sewing complete 5 DvD album with bonus cdRom

Retail Price: $75


Our Summer Homeschool Convention Season Special will run through August 2011:

  • Stitch by Stitch 5 DvD album with bonus cdRom,   $60 (reg. price $75)
  • Stitches in Truth, (the book) when purchased with the NEW DvD series  is only $15 (reg. price $30). The written text also includes comprehensive color theory lessons and Bible lessons which goes along with each quilt unit. Price also includes a  free Marking Ruler.