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Welcome to the CuddleTime Quilts‘ blog. We’re glad you stopped by. Knowing your time is precious, we are pleased that you chose to browse our pages.

CuddleTime Quilts is operated by two sisters, Marian Drain and Edith Elliott. Our passion is to encourage and teach children and adults to quilt. We are pleased to have written a Beginning Quilting Book, Stitches in Truth, to help train children and young adults to sew. It was created especially for Christian Homeschool families, but it has also been used successfully by small private schools and even by adults who wish to start from the very beginning.

The book, Stitches in Truth was written with a gentle approach. It is a stand alone publication that incorporates Color Theory, General Sewing Information and Sewing Skills. Each lesson follows a Biblical theme as they ‘piece’ their way through a quilted wall hanging. The text written at a fifth grade reading level, covers material suitable for high school. Don’t let the easy to read format fool you. You will be amazed how younger children will grasp new concepts with our easy to understand explanations and the depth of information covered suitable for older students and even adults.

Knowing that many household have no one with sewing skills or minimal skills, we developed this text to fill this void. Easy to understand, with step by step directions, yet packed with information. We start at the very beginning, assuming you have no knowledge at all. The parts of a sewing machine are not just listed, they are explained. We take the reader through new information with small, incremental steps. Baby steps, if you will. By the end of the text they will be making great strides. But more importantly, we want them to truly understand the concepts, not just follow directions. We hope you will find we have accomplishes just that.

Edith and Marian are educators. Edith received a degree in Music and taught in the public school system. Marian is a Home Economist, with an Advanced Degree in Education, with Special Studies in Textile Arts. Marian homeschooled both of her children from 1st Grade through High School Graduation. Life before homeschooling also included owning a sewing machine dealership and fabric shop as well as teaching at a Community College.

In case you haven’t figured it out, we both love to sew and quilt. We are also Longarm quilters where we have the priviledge of helping quilters finish up their quilts. Currently we are working on New Patterns specifically for Beginning Quilters to supplement our Homeschool/ Private School curriculum and provide projects to all quilters, both young and ‘not so young’.

As you can imagine this keeps us very busy. But we love it. If you have question, leave a comment on the Home page, check out the Contact page, or give the studio number a call. We would love to hear from you and help you any way we can.

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