Valley Home Educators Convention

I’m so excited! I just recently found out that I am going to be presenting twice at the Valley Home Educators Convention that runs July 27-28, in Modesto. As I have done in the past, I will be presenting a vendor workshop explaining our sewing curriculum designed especially for private and home educated students. In addition to our text, we also have the program in DVD format. If that isn’t exciting enough, I have also been given the opportunity to share how to integrate the fascinating study of textiles into any study of people, places or time periods in history. Can’t wait for July! This is a fantastic Convention. Great People! Great Location! Great Information! Hope to see you there!


Adding Binding to the Edge of your Quilt

Well, Here’s that video tutorial I promised. Enjoy!

3 W’s: What Went Wrong

Well, Stinkers! The link worked last night. This morning the link says “private”. Back to scratching my head!!!! I’ll figure it out eventually.

Lake County Guild & Class With Rose Hughes

I had a great time at guild this past weekend in Lake County. Rose Hughes presented with a trunk show. The following day I was able to participate in her workshop. It was a full class and was great fun. Her fast applique technique, really was amazingly fast. The design I drew would have been very slow and difficult to piece with templates. The applique is complete and I finished the couching this evening after work. I hope to bind it this weekend and start adding embellishments. Looks like it will find a home on the bathroom wall, since it has a fish theme and is only 18″ X 24″. I truly believe this will not become another UFO!

Busy Repainting the Office

I’m sore….. but today after classes I finished painting the office and re-hung the drapes. It was SO overdo for a ‘facelift”. The walls are no longer deep fuchsia. It was so easy to paint it that color when it was my daughter’s room. Now that she is in grad school, it was finally time to lighten it up a bit. Well, that entailed sanding the walls, then applying two coats of primer and one heavy coat of a white. This meant that the computer was unplugged and on the living room floor for about 10 days.
The computer is now back on the desk and all plugged in. And as you can see, it is all plugged in correctly. That wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Not looking forward to tomorrow. I think I have over 500 emails to go through. Luckily, I have been able to read and respond to most of them on my little ‘smart’ phone. It is a rather cleaver device.

Valley Home Educators Event

Today is opening day for the 2010 event. The days are long, but they are filled with meeting great folks! Look forward to coming back each year.

It looks to quiet before the doors open………

‘B’ is Starting to Get Creative

‘B’ came by for another longarm lesson on Tuesday. It was loads of fun watching how he successfully tried several new designs. This donation quilt will be finished next week when he returns to finish the outer border.